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socials pack for

Yoga Teachers

36 Social Media Post Prompts, 108 Canva Post & Stories Templates. For consistent and intentional social media posting even when you don't feel motivated or inspired!


Do you have those days or weeks where you don't feel motivated or inspired to post on social media?

Yep me too...

I get it. I really do.

As a Yoga Teacher we can often feel we need to be on. All the time. That we need to show up as our best selves. All the time. That we need to be inspiring people. All the time. It can be exhausting.

If we are smart about our social media presence, we can still be inspiring when we don't feel like it. We can still show up and educate and share with our students and prospective students. 

This is where the Socials Pack comes in.


A beautiful selection of pre-designed ready to go posts and stories templates so you can spend more time teaching and doing what you love. 


A months worth of post prompts to get the inspiration wheels turning and to dip in to when you are lacking motivation. 



You get INSTANT download of 108 canva templates ready to be edited with your unique branding colours (you get a bonus visual branding pack to create branding), copy and photos + the prompts pack to upgrade your posts and content on a regular basis.

There is a tutorial video included in the pack to show you how to use canva if you are new to the platform (canva is a free design software).

check out SOME OF your new social templates



This is for you if you have days or weeks where you feel uninspired so you don't post consistently as a result. Even when you know you should. 

This is for you if you are looking to build your Yoga business through organic methods online and know that your students will benefit from you sharing more education and valuable content!

Hey there,

I'm Sarah Bunnell

Yoga Teacher, Chocolate Addict, Retreat Leader, Travel Junkie, Business Owner, Heart Centred Marketer, Creative Go Getter & Mentor for Yoga Teachers - like you!

I am here to guide you through the journey of creation. As Yoga Teachers we get to create a space of retreat for our students.

A retreat from the stresses of daily life.

Think of me as the loving kick up the bum you need to make your Yoga business dreams a reality. 

I have been teaching Yoga since 2009 and running International Retreats since 2015. I have created and led 12 retreats in the Philippines & across Australia. I create monthly workshops to delve deeper in to the more subtle practices and to provide my students with experiences beyond a 60 minute general class. 


I have a background in Marketing, Travel & Education + have owned a few of my own businesses.

Since Covid I have created two beautiful and transformative online retreats/courses that have been incredibly successful for both me and my students. Now finally I am running in person retreats again too!


An entrepreneur at heart, I have created the life of my dreams through getting paid to do what I love.


I am excited to help you build your dream life through a successful and heart centred biz of your own.


what you get

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108 plug and play templates for social media to edit and use on the free canva platform.

A video tutorial showing you how canva works and how easy it is to customise the templates

Includes facebook and instagram post templates.

Includes instagram stories templates.

36 post prompts to fill a whole months posts or to dip in to when you are feeling a lack of motivation and inspiration. #Tip these can be recycled every month with different stories, poses and information! A whole year of posts done!

BONUS Visual branding pack to create your own unique visual branding for your business for consistency and professionalism.

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