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What do I put on my website?

A website has 3 main functions. Read on to find out what....

For the most part as a Yoga Teacher in business, we fumble our way through what we think we need. Do we need a website? What on earth do we need to put on it? What's the best platform to use?

The answer is, if you want to create a business around your yoga teaching, yes. You do need a website. What do I mean by creating a business around your yoga teaching? What constitutes the transition from simply being a yoga teacher in a studio to running a business Simply put, you are running a business if you are leading classes or workshops that require you to promote and sell spaces

So how does a website help you run your yoga business and essentially support the promotion of your amazing classes and workshops?

1 - It provides a space for you to share your upcoming events, classes and workshops

2 - It is a platform that your students can actually book and pay for your offerings 'the goal'

3 - It assists you in placing yourself in a position of 'expert' in your field

When we look at the 3 main functions of a website, it can help us start to create content and information that supports these functions.

1 - Put as much information about upcoming events, classes and workshops as possible

2 - Have an easy to use, automated booking function so that people can book with ease

3 - Write blogs so that your students can get to know you better and to help position yourself as an expert in your area of passion

Do you need some more help in creating an effective, visually appealing website that supports easy booking and shares the essence of who you are as a teacher?



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