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Pricing Your Classes + Offerings

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

How do I price my classes, workshops and retreats?

There are some rough guidelines for what seems to work when it comes to pricing your offers. But, there are needs that are to be considered before just plucking a number out of thin air.

I go through a process of looking at what my intention is for an offer before I decide on a price. Sometimes my offer is to meet new students and grow my community. So the price would be a lower price point or even free. Sometimes my offer is to provide additional support and accountability for my students. So the price point would be higher to cover my time investment and to encourage people to commit.

TIP people tend to value something more and commit to it fully when the price point is higher.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding on price:

- What am I looking to accomplish in my business with this offer?

- What am I intending my students to accomplish?

- What costs are involved with facilitating the class or event?

- What can the students that I have in my community afford at this time?

TIP people can often afford a little more than we think + remember that people tend to value things more and commit to it fully when they have invested. It also needs to be an equal energy exchange.


Pricing Guide

a rough ballpark for various offerings in AUD$

Workshops $29-$79

Online Retreat 7 days $79-$299

Classes Online $10-$20

Online courses or series $29-$299

In Person Series $79-$350

Day retreat / day trip / full day workshop $59-$199

Retreats (profit) $2000-$10000 profit in total


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