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Planning & Why You Need It

If you are not spending time planning, your business will not grow.

The easy route is often the route most taken. The mind loves habit and repetition. It's easier for most people to just stick with what they know and react to whatever is thrown at them out of their control - When we choose to live our lives like this and run our businesses like this, we can find stagnation, little to no growth and no control over how we want our lives and businesses to actually look.

So what is the alternative? How do we actually grow our businesses and direct our lives where we want them to go? Planning.

Planning is the key to getting off the reaction path and on to a clear path towards your dreams.

I live a very intuitive and free life. I love to have space to do what I feel at the time and I dislike being super locked in to anything. The key to having this 'free' lifestyle and spacious schedule all comes down to planning. It can seem counter intuitive, but it is key.

TIP for a free and spacious lifestyle, you must plan for it! You must plan for space and carefully direct your personal and professional life to support that.

My question I pose to you "Do you know what life you want? Do you know what it looks like? feels like?"

If we are not clear on what we want for ourselves and our families - current or future - we are not able to take steps towards it.

Action steps towards your dreams:

1 - Dream up what you want your life and business to look & feel like.

Get clear on all of the details

2 - Visualise what it looks like, what it feels like - sit in meditation or journal.

A vision board is also a fun way to express and visualise.

3 - Write some clear action steps that you can take over the next few months to actually move in the direction of your ideal life and business.



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