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How to grow your biz + yourself

Investing in yourself and investing in your business = growth, evolution and transformation. This does not just mean throwing money at the problem. It means investing time & energy.

Whenever I invest in something, it grows. When we enrol in a course or carve out time to work on something, we are sending a clear message to the universe (and to ourselves) that this is important. That we want it. That we are taking action towards manifesting it. Key word here. Action.

Action + Abundance Mindset = Manifestation

“Manifestation is not wishful thinking. It is not day-dreaming on all the things we don't have, but want. It is an action plan for taking steps in many different areas of life to start supporting the creation of what we want.” - Sarah Bunnell

So what are some ways that we can start manifesting what we want? What are some action steps of investment, that not only take us closer to our dreams but signals the universe to help us.

1 - Enrol in a course that will develop your personal life skills or business skills.

2 - Carve out time to not only learn in your enrolled course but to actually start creating and implementing what you learn. Most important!

3 - Spend time with people who are in a life position you aspire to. Use the connection as inspiration, support and to raise your vibration.

4 - Listen to podcasts and read books on topics you want to up-skill in. Be mindful though of over consuming and not actually creating.

5 - Spend time planning steps that you need to take in order to create your dream situation. I love to plan my next day the night before for clarity & I have planning sessions every month to make sure I am staying on track and always moving forward.

6 - Know what your strengths are and know what your weaknesses are. Play to your strengths. Improve your weaknesses or outsource them.

Get Inspired

Book recommendation - Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein

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