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How to fill spaces in your classes

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

How do I actually get people to turn up + commit to my classes?

Imagine if there was a magic bean that when planted it ensured that every creation you put in to the world was a huge success! Would be amazing right? Unfortunately there is not. Putting yourself out there as a Yoga teacher, can be likened to an artist showing their work.

Most things in life are a risk. Some greater than others. Some more comfortable than others. There are various things that we can do to mitigate risk though. Phew.

TIP in order to get comfortable with putting yourself out there at the risk of it not going as planned, a mindset shift to curiosity and experimentation is helpful.

So my action step for today. To help you start mitigating that risk. Is to put yourself out there more. Yep. More.

"But putting myself out there more is annoying & spamming people" I hear you say. Did you know that only approximately 10% of your Instagram followers actually see your posts and stories? Due to algorithm rules within social media these days most of your community will not see what you post. Well not all of it anyway.

So that means the one piece of content or the one idea needs to be shared as many times as possible across all channels.


Content Sharing Checklist

+ Instagram story (multiple stories to make up like a mini series)

+ Instagram post

+ Blog on your website

+ Guest blog on someone else's website/publication

+ Newsletter to your mailing list

(this will get the most eyes if done properly, as it is not competing with algorithms)

+ Podcast (yours or someone else's as a guest)


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