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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Instagram when done well, can be a beautiful space to connect to likeminded people, share your wisdom and bask in the wisdom of others.

I get it, it's a bit of a love hate with instagram. For some it is a chore to get on and engage. For some it is an addiction that could do with some curbing. It can be a place of inspiration. It can also be a place of negativity and toxic comparison. But reality is, Instagram is an amazing platform and tool to utilise in your Yoga business.

“The best marketing technique ever. CARE.”

As Yoga teachers we thrive off connection, community and deep real conversations. So the good news is, that's what you need to do in the world of Instagram.

3 ways to spark genuine conversations with new

likeminded people

1 - Comment on your students and potential students posts/stories (you can find potential students through #hashtags)

2 - Asking open ended questions in your posts and stories to encourage genuine engagement

3 - Posting polls in stories and then opening up meaningful dialogue in DM's (Direct messages)

And why would we bother creating this type of interaction and genuine community on Instagram? Because just like in a studio, this type of interaction with actual humans is how we both serve the community at large & create our clients for our business. Win win.


Get on to Instagram now and open up a deep soulful conversation with a potential student. Don't slide in to the DM's it can come across as sleazy. Comment a genuine comment on someones post to open up engagement. Let me know how you go in the comments below!

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