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HEART BASED marketing GUIDE for

Yoga Teachers

a heart centred approach & step by step path to creating and filling your unique yoga offerings 


What if I told you that your marketing didn't have to be anything more than fostering a community?

Overwhelmed by the thought of having to create & execute a marketing plan? 

Cringing at the thought of having to sell yourself?

Think you are not good enough with tech or design to even attempt your marketing yourself? 

integrity = success

During this self paced interactive online course, you will learn my step by step process to build your community from a place of integrity, serve them with your unique transformational offerings (which I will help you create) and at the end have a system in place to continue building your community for future retreats and events.

Plus, you get to create the life of your dreams sharing what you love with the world



  • A Yoga teacher looking to stand in your power and not rely on a studio as your only access to community and income?

  • Wanting to run a workshop or retreat outside of your normal studio classes, but not sure how to go about it?

  • Worried that you don't have a big enough network and won't fill any spaces?

  • Wanting to grow your yoga biz but want your marketing to be with heart and integrity?

  • Already running workshops but struggle to fill spaces and are lacking inspiration?

  • Ready to expand as a Yoga Teacher and create transformational experiences for your students?

Hey there,

I'm Sarah Bunnell

Yoga Teacher, Chocolate Addict, Retreat Leader, Travel Junkie, Business Owner, Heart Centred Marketer, Creative Go Getter & Mentor for Yoga Teachers - like you!

I am here to guide you through the journey of creation. As Yoga Teachers we get to create a space of retreat for our students.

A retreat from the stresses of daily life.

Think of me as the loving kick up the bum you need to make your Yoga business dreams a reality. 

I have been teaching Yoga since 2009 and running International Retreats since 2015. I have created and led 12 retreats in the Philippines & across Australia. I create monthly workshops to delve deeper in to the more subtle practices and to provide my students with experiences beyond a 60 minute general class. 


I have a background in Marketing, Travel & Education + have owned a few of my own businesses.

I have created two beautiful and transformative online retreats/courses that have been incredibly successful for both me and my students. 


An entrepreneur at heart, I have created the life of my dreams through getting paid to do what I love.


I am excited to help you build your dream life through a successful and heart centred biz of your own.


So how does it work?

Self paced learning and implementation, drip fed content over a 6 week period. 


6 Modules. One module each week.  

A mixture of pre recorded video lectures, live interactive zoom sessions (that will be recorded also) and written information to cater for varying learning styles, in a step by step style. 

A collection of templates, checklists and workbooks to support action and progress. This is a practical course where you will be putting things in place and creating straight away.


week 01


Getting clear on:

  • Who your business is, what it stands for and how it shows up in the world. 

  • Who your yoga offerings are for and why they can't be for everyone (tip we are all wanting something different from our yoga practice)

  • Visual aesthetics and general look + feel

  • How you can relate to your students through your own challenges

week 02


How to:

  • Create a website or up-levelling the one you have

  • What pages to include on your site

  • How to write an inspiring personal bio

  • How to create your own simple logo

  • Creating flow and consistency across your site

  • Creating a free offer for your website (this helps grow your community) 


Intentional Offering

  • Honing in tighter on who this specific offering is for

  • Workshop on creating an offering that has a clear intention for both you and your students - and why this is important

  • Difference between goal & intention and why its important to have both

  • How to create an offering that creates an experiential experience and journey

  • Process for ensuring your offering serves the goals and intentions you set out for



  • How to price your offering

  • Budget planner template

  • Costs to consider checklist

  • Price + sales ideas

  • Mindset + self worth



  • Sales page + what to include 

  • Sales page layout and flow

  • Sales sequence emails

  • Sales page checklist

  • How to actually sell spaces in your offerings and actually have the right people enrolling for the right reasons



  • What platforms and channels you can market through

  • Instagram go to guide and how to maximise free marketing on IG

  • How to tie your sales copy (wording) in to your marketing efforts so that your students are super excited about attending your offering

  • A marketing schedule & plan with actionable steps for daily, weekly and monthly marketing 

please note pre-requisites

this course is for yoga teachers who:

1 - Have a desire to learn how to do their marketing themselves

2 - Are willing to put in the ground work to put systems and platforms in place

3 - Are wanting a longer term successful business as an independent Yoga Teacher 

4 - Are actually want to create community and connect with their students and new students

5 - Have a basic understanding of how to use Instagram and Facebook (this can be very basic)

If you have any queries of concerns about the above please reach out for a chat 

At completion of this course you will...

  • Have a beautiful & effective website with the necessary components/flow + an inspiring personal bio

  • A marketing plan that is easy to follow and implement 

  • A growing community on instagram + on your mailing list (we will be creating this as it is the most important tool in your business).

  • A sales template that can be edited for each new offering you create - this is what helps fills spaces

  • A clear idea of what your intention is as an independent yoga teacher and what your business stands for

  • A framework and strategy to grow your Yoga community, expanding everyday

  • The ability to market, grow and sell without the use of paid advertisement. Using organic growth instead! (note you can do paid ads in support of this if you desire)

  • Plus much much more!


Online Program

Enrolments are officially open!

We will start together on

24th October - 4th December 2020

Enrolments close 23rd October 8pmAEST

Early Bird enrolment closes 13th October 8pmAEST

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